Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nothing is impossible WITH JESUS

Jesus Christ is the living God and He is ready to reveal Himself to you as real, if you will just call on Him, if you seek Him. I have called on Jesus countless times, in desperation, and He has always answered me. He has always rescued me and that is why I know that He is real, He is alive and that He cares. It does not matter what your problem is, it does not matter where you have been, what you have done, what you have got yourself into, if you call on Him He will answer you. 
He cares for you, dear friend. He loves you. He wants to show you that He loves you, He wants to show you that He is real, so that you can know that He is the ONLY LIVING GOD and you need to know Him. Jesus said:”Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all the other things will be added unto you.” Jesus has made my life complete, since I have put Him first in my life, since I have made Him the LORD of my life. Jesus is faithful. He will never let you down. Just call on Him, friend, and He will show Himself to you as MIGHTY GOD!
May Jesus bless you.

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