Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jesus kept me alive

Last night during the night I woke up to pray, as we normally do, and I waited on the Lord. He said to me:”Fear not, I am with you” and then He took me back over my life, so many times that I should have been killed. I was reminded of the time when I owned when I owned my own aircraft for more than ten years and there were many times that I should have been killed. Many pilots of small aircraft do get killed. I recalled so many times that it was a miracle that I am still alive. I was a VFR pilot which means, I flew by visual flight rules, not instruments. I was caught in fog quite a few times. Most pilots come out of fog in a grave yard spiral, they pick up the pieces. The Lord always helped me to get out of there although I was not IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) rated.
There were times that I was caught in cloud, that I was drawn up in a cumuli nimbus, that I saw the altimeter (Height Meter)  spinning around (gaining hundreds of feet per minute, each revolution  a thousand feet) gaining a thousand feet at a time and the Lord got me out of there. What normally happens in that situation is that you exceed VNE, designed speed capability of the aircraft wing and the wings break off. I've been caught in down drafts, dragged down ravines  and the Lord helped me out of there. I did many bush landings, places where other people would not even dare go, sometimes foolish things I did but I am still alive. I look back and there were many times that I just said:”Lord help me!” and He helped me. HE KEPT ME ALIVE.
Not so long ago my wife and I went out and we came back one night on a very narrow road. Suddenly a car pulled in front of us from the side. It was absolutely impossible to miss that car. I could see myself driving into the side of that car and us being killed but the Lord saved us out of that, miraculously.
I said:”Lord, why is that?” I have had so many close encounters with death where miraculously I was kept alive. And the Lord said to me:”I kept you alive, for My purpose.” It is not about us, it is not about me. I am nothing, but the Lord has a purpose with each of us and He gives us breath, He keeps us alive for HIS PURPOSE, for His Kingdom. Many of us never live that purpose.
I was blind, stupid, busy with my own things and then I had a heart attack and I died and I found myself on my way to hell. That was in 1998. I pleaded with Jesus and He let me come back to come and fulfill my purpose. I am so thankful! I am so thankful and that is why I am here telling you, dear friend, Jesus is keeping you alive for a purpose, for His purpose. You need to submit to Him, live your life for Him. He wants you in His Kingdom but you must obey Him, you must serve Him. You must live absolutely for Him.
I thank Jesus today that I can live my purpose and I pray that I endure until the very end, living for His purpose, because I want to live for His purpose, in His Kingdom for eternity. Jesus is keeping you alive, dear friend.  Don't squander that life, live that life for Jesus or you might just lose it for eternity, as I almost did. I want to live for Jesus. for ever. because HE IS KEEPING ME ALIVE.
May Jesus bless you.

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