Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The God that TALKS

My faith in Jesus Christ is not based on what somebody told me or what I have read but on a real relationship, on revelation of Jesus Christ, of Himself, to me. Jesus is real. I have always known that  there was more than just believing IN Jesus.
Many people have experienced the joy of salvation when they for the first time called out to Jesus and He put His joy and peace in their hearts, but then after that they had no more experiences. I had such experience, but I knew that there had to be more than just that. Many things happened in my life and that was all the hand of God. It was Jesus reaching out to me to make me understand that He wants to talk to me, He wants me to be in a real relationship with Him because He is the living God. He spoke to me many times through circumstances, through dreams and I didn't understand until it started getting through to my thick scull that Jesus is REAL.
One night I had a dream about a friend of mine who died and he got to heaven and he said:”Lord Jesus I am here.” A voice said to him:”Who are you?” He said his name and then the voice from the inside said:”I do not know you, go away” That woke me up and I remembered the words of Jesus as written in John 10, where He said:”My sheep listen to my voice and they follow Me,”  and I realized that I must KNOW Jesus, I must KNOW HIS VOICE, I must listen, I must follow Him. But I was seeking! Nobody could help me, but I knew THERE WAS MORE, there was more to be had, there is more of a relationship and I did what many people do, I searched the Bible, the scriptures.
Dear friends, as I read through the gospel of John, the words of Jesus in the gospel of John, these things started to become real to me and I realized, that I must believe what Jesus said and what John wrote that Jesus promised us His Holy Spirit, that would come and live in us, would guide us every step of the way, and even though it was not like that in my life I was yearning for it. I was seeking for it, and I was praying. I read the words that Jesus spoke, that John recorded.
I read through the words of Jesus in the gospel of John where Jesus promised to reveal Himself to us. I read in John 14:21 “He who has My commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves Me. And he who loves Me shall be loved by My Father, and I WILL LOVE HIM AND I WILL DISCLOSE(MANIFEST) MYSELF TO HIM.”  I said:”Lord, I want You to disclose Yourself to me, more and more, every day!”
I read in John 14:26 Jesus said “the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He WILL TEACH YOU ALL THINGS, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you.” and I said:”Lord, I want that! I really want it above everything else.”
I started seeking for it! John 15:26 He said: “When the Helper comes, whom I will send to you from the Father, that is the Spirit of truth who proceeds from the Father, He will witness about Me,” I said:”Lord, I wan to hear that witness, I want that interaction!”
I read in John 16:13 “But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and HE WILL DISCLOSE TO YOU WHAT IS TO COME. “He shall glorify Me, for He shall take of Mine and SHALL DISCLOSE IT TO YOU. “All things that the Father has are Mine; therefore I said that He takes of Mine and will disclose it to you.” And I said:”Lord. I want that, I want that with all my heart!” I started seeking Jesus like never before and dear friends, He started revealing Himself to me, because He IS the truth, He is the way, He is the life. What He promised, is true! I am experiencing it every day.
We must follow Jesus every day of our lives. There is no recipe,  dear friend, there is no recipe! There is only one thing, and that is: YOU MUST SEEK HIM WITH ALL YOUR HEART, sanctify yourself, dear friend, set yourself apart for Jesus and He will reveal Himself to you, He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. You cannot be halfheartedly seeking Him, you must seek Him with all your heart. You must hunger and thirst and HE WILL REVEAL HIMSELF TO YOU  in a REAL and tangible way.
Dear friend, Jesus is my life. He speaks to me every day, He guides me, He chastises me, but I seek Him. I WANT TO stay with Him, I WANT TO  hear from Him. If we seek Him, we find Him. He is a wonderful and a loving God, but WE must follow Him. We must seek Him with all our heart and we will find Him. Seek Jesus, my friend, and you will find Him.
May Jesus bless you.

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