Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The car fell on me

When we lived in Baltimore a few years ago, I did a oil change for somebody on their motor car.  In order to get to the oil filter, which is situated behind the engine, I had to jack this car up.  I put the motor car in park and I put the hand break on and then I jacked the car up.  What I did not see was that the asphalt was at a slight gradient, slight incline and as soon as I was underneath the car, this car started moving, and it felt off the jack onto me, it crushed down my ribs, I started screaming but because of the weight of the car on my chest, I could not get much sound out. Eventually my wife heard me inside (the apartment) and she came running out.  My wife didn’t know what to do, so she prayed, she said: "Lord help" and the next thing, a postal worker stopped there with his little van.  This man jumped out when he saw what has happening and he run to the car. He picked the car up, he was not a big guy, but he picked that car up and I managed to crawl out.  What was quite amazing is that the entire bottom of the car is closed in and there was only a small cavity right in front of my face.  That is where I put my hand through to get to the oil filter but when the car fell on me it fell in such a way that, that cavity was right over my face, otherwise it would have crushed my head.  It did bruise my chest a bit and I was sore for a few days but I just thank Jesus that He kept me alive.  It is so wonderful that when we call on the Lord, He answers our prayers.  He answered my wife’s prayers when she said: "Lord, help us please" and that man arrived there. He could not picked that car up, afterwards when he tried, but the Lord gave him power to lift it off me. I just want to share this testimony to let others know that Jesus is alive.  He is the God of miracles. If we call on Him then He answers our prayers and He keeps us alive, for His purpose.  
May Jesus bless you.

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