I Died

I died of heart attack and live to tell the story
Jesus gave me a second chance

Man dies of heart attach and lives to tell the story.

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Jesus gave me a second chance. I died of a heart attack and I am alive today to tell the story. It happened July 28, 1998.

I woke up the morning at five o'clock with a severe pain in my chest and I knew I was in trouble. I went to the kitchen I had a drink of water but the pain just grew worse. I went back to the bedroom where my wife was sleeping and I woke her up. I explained to her, I said to her: Listen I got this severe pain in my chest you must PRAY for me. I realized that there was nothing else I could do there was no time for any other action.

I then collapsed unto the bed and she started PRAYING for me. I immediately sensed that I was physically going out of my body, I was drawn out of my body, I was not in my body anymore. I could see my wife, she was holding onto my body and PRAYING but I was being drawn away. And I sense that I was suddenly going down this deep black hole and I tried to grab onto the sides of this hole but there was nothing to grab onto I was just drawn down- down, down this black hole. I realized I was dying I knew that I was not coming back, this was final I was desperate.

Next thing I had this vision of my 11year old son standing next to a pile of red sand in a cemetery and I knew this was my grave that he was standing next to. I started PLEADING I pleaded with the Lord Jesus, I wanted to come back but I just realized how bankrupt I was there was nothing to offer Him in exchange what could I say, what could I offer because I just had nothing. Then I PLEADED, I said Lord please, please let me go back, don't let my son grow up without a father. Then I asked: Lord please let me go tell other people how terrible death is, how final it is and about going down this black hole. It was then when I asked the Lord Jesus this; to come back and tell people about this, that suddenly I wasn't going down anymore but I slowly started surfacing again. I came back to the top of this black hole then I started hearing my wife again, I heard her PRAYING and then I saw my body. I was like above my body and my wife, I went back into my body and then I regained consciousness.

She said that I had stopped responding, I told her about this experience I told her that I had been away, I died. My body was all wet and cold and the smell of death was in the room like a sweet nauseous smell. I lay there for an hour, I was totally, totally exhausted. Then I got dressed, I had a shower and I got dressed and I went to work. When I got to work my colleagues were still in their morning meeting. I told them about my experience and they were very concerned because they said I was very pale, yellowish. They called my boss and I told him the story and he insisted that I see a doctor.

So later that day I saw a cardiologist and he sent me for a sonar graph. During the sonar graph they said that it was obvious that I had damaged to my heart and that I had been through some severe trauma in my heart. They decided that I should stay for an angiogram the next morning. So I stayed for the night in the hospital but I was terribly, terribly scared and the pain had come back, it was still there back in my heart in my chest faintly so I prayed all night, I pleaded with the Lord I said:" Lord please, please heal me. I am scared I don't want to die now." I prayed all night and I hardly slept, well I didn't sleep.
The next morning they took me in for an angiogram. During this procedure they insert a probe in your groin, into your arteries up into your heart and then they release die and they can see the blood flow, they can see whether there are obstructions in the arteries. It's done under local anesthesia so you can see what they are doing. You can follow what is happening on a video screen. During the procedure the doctor stopped and he said to me that he was amazed, there was no trace of any damage, the doctor couldn't believe it so they stopped the procedure. I was sent back to the ward, I stayed until the afternoon at five o'clock. This cardiologist came to my bed, he came to release me from hospital, send me home. He just stood there for a long time and he looked at me, he looked at my wife and he said to her: "This is amazing, this is a miracle I haven't seen anything like this before." He said: "Your heart is like that of a 17 year old and yet yesterday the sonar gram showed severe damaged." He said: "It was obvious that you have been through a lot, I can't believe it." So he sent me home without medication, without a prescription without further treatment.

I am still alive and well. I have not taken any medication and I am still not taking any medication, I am in good health. JESUS CHRIST HEALED ME and He can heal anyone. I thank God that I prayed, my wife prayed for me JESUS HEARD. This is a testimony to whoever read this that JESUS ANSWERS PRAYER, HE IS ALIVE. CALL ON THE LORD, HE IS REAL, JESUS WILL ANSWER.

May Jesus bless you

Why I Christian died and went to hell

On July 28th, 1998 I had a heart attack, I died and I found myself on my way to hell. The Lord Jesus had mercy on me and He let me come back. I was at that stage a saved man, I had accepted the Lord Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I was baptized in water, I was baptized in the Holy Spirit, I knew the voice of the Lord and He was speaking to me. But that morning I woke up with a terrible pain in my chest and I died. I found myself going down a deep black hole and I knew I was on my way to hell. I pleaded with the Lord Jesus to let me come back. He let me come back when I pleaded and asked and said:”Lord, let me go and tell the world, let me tell people, that this is real.” 
Many people have asked me why it was that I was on my way to hell even though I was saved. Dear friends, the reason is that I was serving God, MY WAY. I was an above average Christian.. I was a serious Christian. I was a person who knew the voice of the Lord Jesus, but I was serving the Lord MY WAY. I was not fruitful. The only way that we can be fruitful is if we serve Jesus as disciples, HIS WAY, not my way, HIS WAY. Knowing the voice of the Lord is one thing but following Him, waiting on Him, serving Him as Master, that is another thing and that is what He requires of us. We cannot serve Jesus our way. He is not interested in that. We cannot bear fruit if we serve Him our way. I tried to reconcile being a Christian with being a business man, with living a “normal” life, like all the other Christians and I was under the impression that I was doing very well, but by God's standard I came short, it wasn't good enough, I was on my way to hell. It was the biggest fright I ever had in my life and since that day I have never been at ease again with Jesus because I fear Him, because I know that He has got ONE STANDARD, friends, and that is HIS WAY. We have got to seek Him, we have got to listen to His voice. What I think does not matter. My opinion, does not count. All that matters is Jesus. Is He pleased with me, is He satisfied with me? Am I obedient to Him? Am I doing what He wants me to do? Am I a disciple? Am I truly pleasing to Him? 
Dear friends we can only be fruitful and pleasing to Jesus if we serve Him as LORD, as MASTER, if we wait on Him and if we DO what He TELLS us to do. I got to know Jesus. I love Him, I fear Him, I respect Him. I will die again. I will leave this body, but then I want to be ready. I want to be going UP, not DOWN and that is why I am following Jesus. I am working for His Kingdom.
God's standard is not our standard, my friends. Jesus wants TOTAL, TOTAL devotion. He is calling you. Make sure that when your time comes, that you don't find yourself going down the deep black hole.
May Jesus bless you.