Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jesus taught me
Jesus said to the disciples: "One is your Teacher, even the Christ Himself."  That has been true in my life also since I have come to Jesus and accepted Him as my Lord and my Master.  He has treated me as a child and He has been teaching me, coaching me and guiding me.  At times I was not a good child, at times I was not a good learner but we learn through what we suffer and suffer, I have suffered much often because of my own disobedience and other times just because we learn through suffering.  And I had to suffer to learn to trust in Jesus, to obey Him, to become patient, to be persistent.  He taught me obedience and He often chastised me, when I went wrong, but always in love.  When I strayed, He brought me back.  When I was too much in love with the world, He took away my worldly possessions.  He destroyed the works of my hands, so that I had to learn that all is in vain.  We learn through what we suffer.  We learn because Jesus is our Teacher and because He is GOOD.  It is His good will and His intention to teach us that we can be useful for His Kingdom.  He has called us for a purpose and we have to live that purpose, but unless we learn obedience, unless we learn to yield to the Holy Spirit, unless we learn to totally trust Him, we will not follow and obey Him.
I thank Jesus for His dealings in my life, for His Hand which at time has been SEVERE, tough on me, because He worked those qualities in me, the CHARACTER that He wants of a child of God.  He still treats me as a child because I am a child.  I am a child of God and I am so thankful that I can trust in Him.  I am so thankful that He has taught me obedience, that I must just be humble and dependant on Him, and I must follow Him with all my heart.  I have been unfaithful, I have made many mistakes, but Jesus has never let me down.
Through my mistakes I have learned one thing and that is: YOU CANNOT GO ON STUMBLING because there comes a day that if you keep on stumbling you might not get up again. I have learned to mind my walk and be very careful to be obedient to my Lord and Master, because His ways are the best ways.  He is faithful but I must be faithful until the very, very end.
May Jesus bless you.

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