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Through the Fire #3 - The devil is on my case

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This is a continuation of my testimony, and I call it - "The devil is on my case."
Since the day I decided to follow Jesus with all of my heart, the devil was on my case because he was not my friend anymore. He was against me, and he has been severely against me, and that is what will happen to all
of those, all of us who want to follow Jesus Christ.

Your life will fall to pieces, because now suddenly, Satan will try everything to get you back. He will either make your life misery, or he will make things go so well with you in the world that you forget God. The devil was on my case and he still is and he will be until the very day that I give my last breath.

Now, when I came back to Jesus, I already told you that I lost my job because I changed so much - I was not the same person anymore. For 3 1/2 years, I couldn't find another job in the industry, but God changed my fate and the job found me, the job that God wanted me to have. I can tell you that in that time we were
down and out, nobody wanted to know me. My friends left me. They say when times are tough, friends are few. Even the family - the family avoided us. If you follow Jesus, then the devil is at you.
Then God changed our fate. I was back in the industry, I was back at an executive job, but this time a better job that I previously had. Things were going extremely well for us, so well that after a while, I bought a new car, and people could see that things were going really well with us.
With big hestancy, I bought a Mercedes because I was parking in the executive lot with my old vehicle, and it didn't fit in there. So I bought a Mercedes.
Now, Friends, if you think that people hate you when things go bad with you, you would think they would
love you when things go better with you. It's not true. If you follow Jesus, people are against you, the devil hates you!  The fact of the matter is, if you follow Jesus, it doesn't matter what you do, whether you got little or much - whether you're rich or you're poor - the devil hates you, he's against you, and he will try anything on you to just stop you, to get you to sin - He will be on your case!
That's my experience, and I can assure you one thing - Satan has never been off of my case, ever since I've decided to follow Jesus. If it's not temptation with a bigger promotion more responsibility or a nicer job, it's
something else, but he will try everything, to get you into his power. What we need to do is be in obedience
to Jesus, not to give in to the devil.
If we give in to the devil, he might make you rich and famous, but you will lose Jesus Christ.
God turned my fate, and after initially losing everything, God gave back a hundredfold what I had lost previously. I was extremely blessed, and then people started being envious, the same people that scorned me were envious of me because God blessed me.
The devil is against you, My Friend, but we must not love the world or the things of the world, because then the love of Christ is not in us.
The Lord Jesus blessed me exceedingly, materially as well, but there came a day when He said to me again,
"Take your stuff and sell it," and I did. Because we must love Jesus more than the things that He gives us.
If we love the world more, and if we love our possessions more, then the devil can get a hold of us.
Either good or bad must not affect us. Either the devil will make your life so miserable that you want to curse God, or he will make your life so pleasing  that you think you don't need God. But we must be aware of the
wiles of the devil because if we leave Jesus, we die.
I thank God more for the difficult times in my life, because it was in those times that I really got to know Jesus Christ. If it hadn't been for the difficult times,  And it was in the difficult times that I learned to cling onto Jesus.

When He told me to let go, let go of your executive job, sell your possessions, come here, follow Me and
preach His Gospel, I did because I knew Christ, and we must love Jesus more than everything.
But I'll tell you one thing - the devil will NEVER EVER LEAVE YOU. He will be on your case until the very
day that you die. He is on my case every day. He tried in every way to get my attention off of Jesus, and he tried in every way to stop me from testifying for Christ, and he will do so with every person that wants to be Godly or want to follow Christ. because one sin, one disobedience to Christ, will keep us out of Heaven.
We've got to obey Jesus and love Him above all things, but know one thing, - the devil will not leave you one second. He's going to be on your case, because he's going to hell, and he knows it and he wants to
take us along.
I don't want to, and by the Grace of God, I want to hang onto Jesus right to the very end,  or else everything would have been in vain. It's only by the Grace of God that we will make it right to the end. The devil is going to be on your case as long as you follow Jesus until the day you

May Jesus Bless You.

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  1. Thank you for your testimony. Very inspiring and eye opening for me. God bless you.