Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Through the Fire #10 - Jesus speaks to me
Jesus makes me understand that we need to hear His voice and follow Him.


  1. Brother Justice,

    You are peaching the Lord Jesus Christ that I know. He is real, alive and speaks. He is a father, a friend, a brother and all in all for those who honor him, follow him and obey Him. He hates all foms of sin as He is a holy Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Thank you for teaching about the reality of Jesus Christ. I feel sorry for those who think it is an idea, or just a belief of something that is not true. God is spirit and only those who are in spirit can see Him. This requires holiness in Chris's blood and obedience to His voice. I warn them not to die of their ignorance about the Lord Jesus. Wake up people, and think for your eternal life seriously. Fight you ignrance, negligence and passivity to all these alarming an timely messages.

  2. Very true,I was the same as Jan,in the wanting to hear Jesus myself and him let me know Im saved,I rejected other believers telling me Im saved because of Rom 10;9-10 I wanted to hear from Jesus,He has opened up the his word to me in many ways and even revealing the truth about differant books I have read,he has showed me things that folks try and twist in books and the bible and has been a great discerner of many things even certain people.If the Holyspirit wrote the bible as it states than it will have to be discerned by Him and only Him,I pray all could come to know Him this way.